The Olde World League

Fenderstat OWL: The Assasination of Santino Marella
When plans go wrong.....

Characters Present

Dunky The Smirk
Oleg Vladimirovich

The OWL had received a contract but this one was different, it was from one of their own. The Leaguers, Dunky the pilfering Halfling and Oleg the staunch Kislevite, responded with due call and met a fellow Olde World League mercenary, an eccentric and bothersome Tilean wrestler by the name of Santino Marella in Kemperbad.

Santino had a problem. A few weeks ago he spent a rough night at Three Feathers Inn with fellow Leageuer Mordecai Backwren and to cut a long story short he emerged Judicial Champion of Gravina Maria-Ulrike Von Liebwitz of Ambosstein. Santino said he got the job after her previous judicial champion was murdered and on the same night they unsuccessfully tried to assassinate him too.

Santino said he’d been stalked while out about in the town recently and with his judicial combat in one week he believed they may strike again before the fight. Santino concocted a cunning plan. The Tilean would head down alone to a local rough and tumble inn by the name of Groovin Goblin, pretend to get drunk and walk home alone. Santino believed the assassins would attack him there. The party were to shadow Santino and ambush the ambushers so to speak.

Santino put on his best Tilean style frilly shirt and set off towards the inn, the party soon followed but not before Dunky looted Santino’s unattended belongings as best as he could. The party found Santino a short time later at the inn which was full of no-good types and dockers and Santino stuck out like a sore thumb.

Santino spent the next few hours going through the drinks while the party remained on lookout and identified two potential assassins intent on Santino’s behaviours. After a few more hours and around 12 rounds of hard spirits they realised Santino wasn’t play drunk, he was actual drunk. Apparently Santino forgot his own plan. The loud mouthed Tilean spent most of his time antagonising various thugs and gang members, challenging them to arm wrestling matches and insulting them while Dunky looked on in horror, Oleg was mildly amused.

Oleg retrieved Santino from the gang members table before he got his head kicked in but Santino started insulting him and challenging him to more arm wrestling. Oleg complied but was promptly overpowered by the surprisingly strong Tilean, maybe he was a wrestler after all? Santino then continued to insult Oleg and his religion before Oleg unsuccessfully threatened him. Santino turned his cruel intentions towards Dunky then dramatically stumbled onto the table of a large group of thugs, knocking their drinks all over them.

The eight thugs then proceeded to beat the shit out of Santino and a second group of thugs from another gang jumped in on the fray as their rivals distracted. The party had a good old fashioned bar brawl on their hands. Dunky made his way to the exit to check on the two prospective assassins they had identified earlier and found they were gone.

Oleg waded into the fray, laid a few choice boots into Santino for payback and began to defend himself against encroaching gang members. Santino, sensing the heat was off him took out the legs of one of his assailants and proceeded to put him in the Marella Lock, Santino delighting in his opponents screams as he tried tear out his foe’s shoulder cuff. Oleg fought off the bandits and dragged the drunken and bloody Santino off his victim and out in the street, emptying a slop bucket on him to wake him from his stupor in the process.

Oleg picked the wrestler up over his shoulders and began to head back to Santino’s residence. The big man made his way through the late night streets, spotted a crossbow levelled at Santino , dropped the Tilean and began to draw his weapon but it was too late. Santino found a crossbow bolt in his arm as Oleg returned fire with his longbow.

A second man began to approach Oleg from the front but Dunky stepped forward and raked the assailants mid section with his knife and caused him to drop his weapon. Oleg rushed forward and split the crossbowman in two and Dunky demanded that the second man talk but was interrupted by a scream as a young woman ran off to alert the city watch.

Dunky rushed back to Santino who was in a bad way, eager to get him off the streets before the watch found them and in the process allowing the surviving assassin to escape. Oleg quickly searched his victim and found no evidence of their employer.

The pair performed some rough first aid on Santino and hauled him back to his room at the Bucking Bronco. Oleg went and got a barber surgeon who attended to Santino’s wounds, saying he wouldn’t be able to use his arm properly for at least a fortnight. The Gravina caught wind of the incident and came down the following morning to personally check on the status of her champion. The Gravina quoted the situation as “unsatisfactory” and declared Oleg to be her new judicial champion to compete in mortal combat one week from now.

End Session


It starts, harmlessly enough, with a play.

Having cobbled together a few pennies and with no “adventuring” to do, your group decides to pay a visit to the theatre, having heard that Sierck’s great masterpiece is being played there.

The performance is one of the greatest you have ever seen, even for those of you who have previously enjoyed the circumstances to frequent the theatre on a regular occasion, as Crown Prince Oswald’s plucky band plumbs the depths of the Great Enchanter’s fortress. You almost feel as if the shadows reach out toward the stage, grasping at the actors…

When the curtain finally rolls down, the applause is thunderous, carrying on for several bows, but all the while and well after everyone has finished, is one, slow sonerous clap, echoing through the darkness of the theatre house.

Life gets suddenly very interesting soon after, a Dark Elf Warband has managed to sneak through the Cursed Marshes undetected and now sails for Altdorf, slaughtering everything in it’s path. But as your group and various other Imperial forces close on your implacable enemy, they veer off their course towards the Imperial capital, and, upon a nameless patch of earth in sight of the Grey Mountains, butcher each other in a fantastic display of callous degeneracy. You find their corpses, protrate in some form of suplication towards the distant peaks. For a brief second you think you see… But no, it was nothing.

It seems you are not the only ones presented with bizarre behaviour by the enemies of mankind. A massive cult of Khorne, the God of blood, battle and death, ingrained deeply in the Imperial army, appears to have made itself known… By disappearing without harming a hair on anyone’s head. They were last seen heading north, avoiding anything so powerful as a farmer with a pointed stick.

Confusion begins to reign as cults and foes begin to pour out of the woodwork and onto the pyres. A long suspected Cult of Slaanesh has every single member join a convent, a cult of Nurgle in Ubersreik you are sent to investigate puts itself under quarentine and Orks and Goblins pour out of the Grey Lady Pass in the most spectacular display of military incompetence that soldiers refer to it as “the crybaby’s waaagh!”.

Slowly, certain powers begin to feel deeply, deeply uncomfortable. You suspicions are raised further when you receive an invite from a well known scholar… Who openly confesses he is a servent of the Arch-conspirator, Tzeentch, Chaos God of deception and trickery. He submits his tainted works and artefacts, his list of other conspirators and suppliers and gladly hands over his and other’s plans to bring the Empire down from within.

At his Execution, even as the flames creep up the piled wood towards him, he beckons you to come closer, he would explain the reason behind everything, to unravel the mystery of the Empire’s good fortune. You are forced to climb up, careful of the flames, to hear his final statement. He leans forward and utters two words of such staggering consequence that all the good fortune enjoyed tastes of bitter ash.

Drachenfels lives!

Act 1
The four crazy fools brave adventurers stand before the gates of Castle Drachenfels, it’s gate standing slightly ajar. The halfling Haeg Muphin takes a brave lead and starts sticking his nose in places he shouldn’t, quickly followed by the Sigmarite priest Alexander. Muphin’s intrepid exploration uncovers very little aside from Castle Drachenfel’s unusual surplus of buckets and a supply of unusually fresh water. He also learns that perhaps some basic safety protocol is necessary when his compatriot proves not to be quite so light footed as he is. Aside from a turned ankle(and the buckets, sooooo many buckets.) the party turns up nothing interesting. They head downstairs, the Wood Elf of questionable title and Valdrok, the fire wizard with the almighty…personality… “covering their advance”.
Alexander takes the tactical role and employs the time worn strategy of “boot in the first door I see”, which finds them a coach house, which seems fine until Muphin employs the time worn strategy of “steal anything shiny and light enough to stick in my pockets”. Which irritates the wraith driving the coach, who materializes and is just about to tear Muphin a new treasure storing hole when the rest of the party unleashes seven shades of hate on him and stops the whole carriage from animating and doing some very serious damage. (GM note:curses) The skeletons which hop out manage to make peoples’ lives somewhat difficult and inflict a few nasty wounds, but as combats go, this isn’t all that terrifying. Neither is the encounter with some skeletal horses in the opposite building, which our nameless woodelf manages to resolve without even breaking a sweat. The real incident of consequence appears to be that Muphin is almost able to get his greasy mitts on half a cake, but alas, the winds of magic steal it away from him at the last minute…

The adventurer’s are now ready to enter the castle itself, and approach the door with grim determination. After a slightly confusing opening, the party are faced with a long hall, lined on one side with fierce, grasping stone claws. Will they animate and attack the party? Can they simply bypass the stone horrors? Maybe they can…


Alexander walks in and swings at the first thing he doesn’t like the look of and everything goes rapidly downhill from there. Muphin goes pelting past as the wall tries to mangle the priest, everyone else is content to stand and stare a round or two longer as Alexander continues his disagreement with the masonry. When Muphin sprints through the far door, the Wood Elf sees his course laid out and goes legging it after him. Meanwhile Alexander manages to wrestle a few steps further, but the wall has well and truly got it’s claws into him and he is held fairly fast. Valdrok, realising she’s going to have to play this much the same way, sets as much of herself on fire as she can and goes tearing down the hall as well. The plan works to a small extent and she manages to sprint the last few metres, while Alexander eventually follows suit, although the exhaustion of asking the grasping wall ornaments knocks him out cold once he gets through the door. The group now safe at least from the entrance hallway, we break till the next session.

Ceodryn - What Happens in Nuln...

What Happens in Nuln

Adventuring party:

This adventure is loosely a continuation of Welcome to Nuln!.

Episode 1

Act 1 – The Oldenhaller Contract

Our adventurers are making their way to Councilor Oldenhaller’s mansion, in the Handelbezirk quarter in Nuln, to respond to a job offer he posted at the Deutz Helm board.

Gossiping first in a tavern, they find out that Councillor Oldenhaller is a significant trader within the city, and has the ear of the Countess herself. As a merchant he has a reputation as being both direct and fair, and can be trusted to keep his word. However, they also find out that he is known to have a ruthless streak, and should not be lightly conned or crossed.

His mansion is richly decorated. The floors are covered with oriental rugs and the walls are hung with family portraits, hunting trophies and framed contracts and bonds. Upon being introduced to the Councillor, and after an uncomfortable silence as he scrutinizes them each in turn, he explains the situation: The adventurers are to, discreetly, recover a magical gem, which has been acquired by his house, but which his agents have failed to make delivery of. He goes on to explain the “agents” are a gang of smugglers known as the Schatzenheimer gang. They are led by a man named Kurt Holster.


While he doesn’t know the whereabouts of the gang or its leader, which is why he is hiring the adventurers, he suggests them however to start their investigation in the scum part of the town: the wharf in Shantytown.

The party, after a brief pause picking up Ademar’s gear, heads down to the wharf. There, they take the time to observe the busy docks, looking for potential gang members going about their shoddy business. Well, they find some shoddy business: a group of beggars has an organized set-up to relieve from their purses queasy merchants fresh out of their ships.

Ademar and the group quickly set-up a trap to catch one of those thieves, and when so, proposes the man, to his surprise, some silvers for information. After following him to a dark alley, a tense stand-up takes place between the beggars and the party. However, a few silvers ease the tension.

The party learns that the Schatzenheimer gang is mainly made up of Nulners: they forge currency and trade in contraband and stolen goods. The gang resides in the Asylum, and shares it with two other gangs. The Asylum entrance is hidden within the Maze’s black market, and the thieves do not know where it is. Kurt however regularly visit the Drunken Bird, a brothel off the wharf quarter, located in the Alley of the Sighs. He has a favorite: an Estalian girl named Margarit.

Act 2 – The Drunken Bird

The Drunken Bird is a brothel off the wharf quarter. The house is two stories tall with a stone ground floor and a timber upper floor. A round turret rises from one corner. Many of the windows are colored and there is a lantern with scarlet glass that hangs above the entrance door.
Berthold isn’t keen on entering this Sigmar’s forsaken place, and Anya goes on haranguing the group about the oppression of women, and typical male behaviors. However, after confusing the dumb bouncer and paying less than the normal fare, Richard and Ademar are gingerly entering the brothel, while Berthold and Anya go around the back and wait.

While inside, Richard and Ademar make acquaintance a couple girls, while observing the brothel scene. They spot a man alone with bodyguards, probably the owner of the brothel. Ademar decides to pay for the services of both acquaintance, Josie, and the girl named Margarit. He is promptly then brought up to Margarit room. Margarit is a stunningly beautiful woman, and the bed sheet does nothing to conceal her shapely curves, but Ademar has been around and resist her charm.


After paying both girls, he goes and takes “some fresh air”, opening the huge window-door giving onto the porch, all the while chitchatting with the bemused girl (after all, their clients are more used to disrobe than need fresh air).

Unfortunately for the girl displeasure, Ademar explains he is “looking for a man”… Really? In here? How disappointing! When Ademar mentions Kurt’s name, Margarit asks Josie to leave her alone with the stranger. In the meantime, Berthold has expertly climbed up the porch of the bedroom. Thanks to Ademar expertly distracting the girls, Berhtold is not seen nor heard until Josie leaves the room. The Sigmarite has then to confess that the sight of Margarit is… enthralling.

Ademar convinces Margarit that he doesn’t mean to hurt Kurt, but is in need to find him. He learns that Kurt has missed his usual appointment with Margarit, and she is concerned for his health. After all, he had a very bad cough lately. She also reveals that Kurt was supposed to party this past night at Madam Bogenshutze, a smoke and drug parlor in the Black Market, an area deep within the Maze. The Madam should know of Kurt whereabouts.

At this moment, Margarit turns over and spot Bertold on the porch. As she starts screaming, Ademar jumps onto Bertold on the pretense to protect the woman. In the confusion that ensues, both fall from the porch. Bertold fall on his back and suffer as few wounds, but Ademar fall right onto him and is critically wounded as Bertold dagger cut through its sheave and puncture him. Both men however quickly stand up and Bertold run away, pursued by Ademar, under the confused sight of the prostitute from her balcony… and of Anya hiding in the shadow, who wonders what in Sigmar’s name was all that about? Typical male behavior to fight for a woman… and a woman of low repute on top of that!

Anya, fuming, goes on to impersonate the voice of an unhappy old hag, the would-be wife of Richard, calling him to come out of this dirty establishment. Richard upon hearing her, promptly pays his drinks, tips the girl sitting on his lap, and comes quickly and sheepishly out of the brothel … while the girl is left wondering what was wrong with that man!

Act 3 – Madam Bogenshutze

The group, back together, makes now its way to the Black Market and Madam Bogenshutze. Well, first they have to find their way within the Maze. Anya, Berthold and Richard are quite experienced with the area already, but quickly realize that Ademar seems to know the way. How? Nothing is said.

While on their way in the Maze, they are suddenly ambushed and hear a growling voice “Right, just drop your weapons and … OH NOT YOU AGAIN”. The thug leader the group had already routed a couple days ago has ambushed them again. He and his band however don’t want to get their asses kicked once more, and decides to flee, pursed by the party. Having the advantage of knowing those alleys, the thugs are unfortunately able to shake the party pursuit, although barely, as Berthold – infuriated – nearly catch the leader, and throw his dagger at him before he disappears in the shadows.

Finally, they make it to Madam Bogenshutze. The madam is actually an effeminate male, clearly covered deep pox marks with heavy white makeup. “She” owns a number of private rooms and provides her guests with special herbs, tonics and the like. The party, Berthold especially, is rather disgusted by the place, but nevertheless ask about Kurt and learns that he and is mate are still here, since last night, renting the Skull’s room. Interesting!

Making their way to the room, the adventurers descend into a deep underground network of corridors, each shooting off a round center room. At the end of each corridor is a private rentable room. The Skull’s room has a skull embedded within its door. It is locked, apparently from the inside, and no sounds can be heard. Ademar, after some difficulties, is able to unlock the door.

The room is littered with corpses. One body had its head removed; this is the remains of Kurt Holger. A strong smell of herbs and burnt opium is in the air. Just below the surface is a whiff rank, like sewers smell. The party spots a blood track, and a hidden door within the wall… but where does it lead?

Episode 3

Act 2: (Act 1 was skipped)

The secret passage leads to a main sewer tunnel. The party continues tracking the trail of blood, Richard and its torch in the lead. Yes, the scribe and oldest is in the lead. What a courageous man!

A deep, jagged shadow further down the effluent channel suggests a narrow branch off from the main sewer. It’s obvious that someone cut into the sewer externally as the stones lining the opening are roughly hewn. As they close the distance, the adventurers notice a lump lying just outside the branch. A moment later it reveals itself to be a body. Judging by its build it appears to be a man, though it’s lying face down. One extended hand still grips a short yet cruel looking knife. His clothes, at one time fine, are torn and shredded in seemingly thousands of places, and are crusted with blood and effluent.

Upon turning the body, all can see that his face has been gnawed upon, to the point where there is no evidence of facial features. A frightening sight, but our courageous adventurers don’t get so easily afraid. Berthold even take the cruel looking knife, and search the body for coins.

Assassin’s Dagger : DR 4 / CR 3: Fast, Vicious, Enc 2, Cost: 35s
Hook dagger

As Berthold search the body, the party suddenly becomes aware of a strange sound, getting louder and louder, like a rustling. Looking back from where they came, they can now see hundreds of tiny red eyes appearing out of the darkness. The squealing becomes deafening as a massive swarm of big rat attacks them.

After a very brief stand-off, the party realizes they cannot overcome this swarm, and run away into the narrow branch. With the rats still on their heels, they come upon a set of mining cart tracks that lead slightly downwards in the darkness. Lying strewn across the tracks is another body in a similar condition to the first.

Looking inside the cart reveals another body of a man. He’s dressed in dark clothes, but an obvious cut above the rest. He suffers from the same bites as the others. With him is the severed head of Kurt and clutched in his left hand a Black Opal gem.

Not waiting for the rats to catch-up, our adventurers push and jump into the cart, almost leaving Richard behind as he waited with his torch to slow down the swarm. As the cart begins to move, Ademar picks up the gem carefully (never touching it) and put it inside the protective box. Soon however the cart, and the party, is rolling into the darkness at very high speed and all wonder where the ride will stop. Wiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Act 3: The Escape

Suddenly, they shoot out of a dark tunnel into a natural cave, and realize the tracks end in a buffer. Anya jumps right away, and rolls off safely. Berthold, Ademar and Richard decide to wait if the buffer will hold. It doesn’t, and the three at catapulted harshly onto the ground.
After recovering and patching their wounds, the party can hear chanting far to the south, and voices arguing much closer, in the next cave. Carefully advancing, they come upon a bunch of thugs and their leader, who are arguing as to what to do! Meet the remaining of the Huyderman’s gang.

The party learns that cultists have been summoning daemons in the cave to the south. The Huydermans have tried fleeing north, but the complex was sealed off by another gang, the Valentinas. The river to the south is the only way to escape. The party and gang decide then to force its way through the cultists.

Rushing into the south cave, the party spots a dozen or so filthy cultists in crude robes and their leader, an albino sorcerer with a swarm of flies around him. All cultists have their skin flaking in long strips, but one of them is even more heavily mutated with scrawny legs, strong upper body, oozing buboes. Yet, they recognize the beggar woman from the wharf who had assaulted them. In the center of the cultists is a greenish vortex that has already spawned nine tiny, putrescent bodies, with sharp horns and teeth, that exude a foul-smelling slime from every orifice. It seems the cultists are in the process of summoning more of the tiny daemons.
Across the room, past the cultists and daemons are two rowing boats and the river… the only escape!


While the gang members engages the lightly armed cultists, Berthold run straight for the sorcerer, while Anya and Richard start taking aim at him. Ademar is sneaking through the room furniture hoping to get closer.

A short battle ensues, where Berthold hold his ground, nearly alone against the albino sorcerer and the mutant woman, but for Anya and Richard supporting fire. The laughing daemons try to overcome the adventurers but when the sorcerer is promptly finished by a thrown dagger from Richard, a disruptive wave of energy dispels 6 of the 9 daemons who disappear into the void. The remaining daemons and cultist mutant are disposed of by the party. In the meantime, half of the gang members have been losing ground to the remaining cultists but the other half was able to plow through and get their gang leader to a boat.

The party decides to flee the cave, and jump into the boat with the gang leader. As they row their way to safety and a well-deserved (albeit underpaid) reward, they can see the remaining gang members falling to the giggles and filthy blades of the cultists…

What will become of the gem in the Councillor hands? Will the cultists recover from the loss of their leader? Will the Huyderman’s gang debt toward the party be of use? That is for another story!

Ceodryn - The Pig, The Witch and Her Lover - Session 1

The Pig, The Witch and her Lover – Session 1

Episode 1 – Hard Times Befell Krote

Act 1: Welcome to Krote

As they enter the little hamlet of Krote, our adventurers notice its weathered, rundown state and the oppressive air of decay that hangs about the place. The villagers give them suspicious looks. [WFRP3 note: For the duration of the adventure in the village, the “Rural Settlement” location is in place]. The adventurers realize most of the villagers are either women, of varying age, or older men. Where are the younger men?

Arriving at the center of town they see the Fettered Fox, the local watering hole where they were told Vosgart, a priest of Taal who requested the help of the League, would be waiting. Vosgart is an elderly priest of Taal. He wears a coarse woolen robe caught with brambles and bits of weeds and stained with pollen. He has a faraway look in his eyes like he is imagining better times and places.

The adventurers settle down at Vosgart’s table and he orders them drinks before beginning his tale:

“Once again thank you all for coming. This is indeed an odd situation and one that I am afraid we here in Krote are ill equipped to deal with. It seems one of our prominent citizens; a man by the name of Konrad Lankdorf has vanished. Two nights ago a local woman, Greta Kummel, heard what sounded like an argument coming from Konrad’s home. When she went to investigate she witnessed the widow Ilsa Mohr, Konrad’s longtime lover, coming out of the house pursued by a rather irate pig. When the people arrived, there was no sign of Konrad except a few rags of clothing. Word quickly spread and Ilsa was arrested, though she claims to know nothing of where Konrad has gone or how a pig came to be in his home. Many in the village have long suspected Ilsa of witchery, though I think this is more because of her knowledge of herbs and healing ways than any kind of unnatural abilities. However it seems these suspicions combined with this event have been enough for Greta and the other villagers to accuse her of being a witch and transforming Konrad into a pig. With no sign of a body or the errant beast, Otto, the town mayor, has caved into the pressure of the villagers and holds Ilsa in his cellar pending a trial to determine if she is indeed a witch. I am convinced however there is more going on here than is apparent and have gained Otto’s consent to stage an investigation, which is where you come in.”

Discussing further with Vosgart, they learn the following:

  • Greta is an angry old woman. Her and her husband, Victor, were very good friend of Konrad, so she may be resentful against Ilsa.
  • Konrad’s farm is outside the village, to the North. It is a well to do farm as Konrad owns a lot of land, almost as much at Otto, the mayor of the town.
  • Greta and Victor hamlet is just south of Konrad’s farm. They have a clear view of its front entrance.
  • Otto’s farm is inside the village, with a huge pen, containing lots of pigs, sheep and cows.
  • The young men in this town have been marched off to war by the local Baron against Greenskins activities happening in the East.
  • A small militia is remaining in the village, but most are just farmers. They are little needed in the peaceful village of Krote, except for protection against beastmen.
  • Otto is the highest authority in the village. He would be the judge at the trial. The execution would be carried by the militia, or the priest of Taal.
  • There is a small shrine to Taal outside the village, to the South. All gods are worshipped, but Taal is first and foremost.

It is dusk by the time the adventurers finish their discussion with Vosgart, and they decide to spend the night at the inn before to start their investigation in the morning. Vosgart ask them to meet him back at the inn for lunch tomorrow.

Oleg, feeling generous, spends 3s to buy lodging, meals and drinks for his companions. He also buys drinks for all patrons. The dwarf, Lokgrund, drinks his fair share, socializing with the locals. While Oleg and Lokgrund are drinking, Max sits down in the corner, and scrutinizes the patrons while oiling his pistol. As for Gustav, his first duty is to inspect the local graveyard to make sure it is well kept. Apparently it is, Vosgart, the only priest of the town, do it all.

Throughout the evening, our adventurers learn the following from the villagers:

  • Ilsa is a witch and has turned that good man Konrad into a pig.
  • Otto is going to burn Ilsa for her crimes to save the whole village
  • Just a few weeks ago Victor and Konrad killed a giant Beastman on the edge of the woods. Victor has fallen ill since that encounter
    Max scrutinizing the villagers realizes that they are more fearful than angry. Yet it wouldn’t take much to enflame. They just don’t want a witch around… and who could blame them?

Act 2: The Landowner and the Witch

On the morning, our adventurers woke up early, get a good breakfast and were on their way to speak to with Ilsa, who is detained by Otto.

[WFRP3: A 12 spaces tracker with an event in the middle and at the end is set-up. Throughout the investigation, every time the adventurers speak to a different party (Ex: Ilsa, Otto, The Villagers, etc..), the tracker moves 1 space. If delays or chaos stars are rolled often, the GM may move the tracker additional spaces. The tracker symbolizes the time pressure the adventurers are under to prove Ilsa guilty or innocent of her crime before she is judged and burned by the Village.]

Otto’s house is the largest in the village and fields and pens holding pigs and sheep surround it. He lives here with his five daughters, of varying ages, his wife having died several years ago and his only son marched off to war. Otto is a tall lean but strong man with an impressive bear fur upon his shoulder. His good clothes and well-fed features clearly mark him as the wealthiest person in the village. He however comes across as a well-meaning soul who is just looking out for his livelihood and the town where he lives. The good man welcomes them in his home, but refuses to let them speak with Ilsa. He claims to be concerned that they be beguiled by the Witch.

To break the ice, they discuss his family ancestry, the founding of Krote, and how he got to own that massive bear fur. The adventurers also get to meet Otto five daughters: Alette (12 yo), Elise (10 yo), Karelia (8 yo), Rosamunde (5 yo) and Girlin (3 yo). Girlin, not the least shy, walk up straight to Lokgrund the Dwarf and state in her baby voice “You’re short and fat! Why are you so short and fat?” After an initial indignation from the dwarf, his feature softens and Girlin happily sat in his lap, playing with his beard. Oh oh oh!

The adventurer finally convinces Otto to let them speak to Ilsa. He warns them however not to look upon her least they be bewitched. As he leads them down into his cellar, warning his daughters not to follow, the adventurers can definitely feel that Otto is worried. Is he that afraid of the detained Witch? The adventurers get worried themselves [WFRP3: Party Tension increases of 1].

In the far corner of the dank room is an old rusted cage, of the like used for keeping large wild beasts. A heavy cloth has been draped over the crude prison, all but hiding its occupant. After Otto leaves the cellar, a soft calm voice welcomes the party. Our adventurers, worried about being bewitched, do not muster the courage to lift the cloth as they begin to speak with Ilsa.. [WFRP3: Party tension increases of 1]

After a few exchanges, and hearing such calm and soft voice from Ilsa, the adventurers ashamed finally remove the heavy cloth. Although she’s no longer a young woman, Ilsa is still strikingly beautiful, with long black hair and soft features out of place in the harshness of Krote. She is soft spoken, choosing her words carefully, giving her an air of wisdom and calm. She seems however despondent. Max and Oleg are instantly entranced [WFRP3: Shocked condition]. They stutter like teenage boys throughout the encounter with Ilsa, while the dwarf admonishes them for being weak of mind.

Ilsa mohr

From Ilsa, they learn the following:

  • She remember little of that night, only that she had scant knocked upon Konrad’s door before that pig rushed out, knocking her down and making for the woods. Of Konrad, she never saw a sign.
  • Konrad and she were very much in love, and she would wish no harm upon him.
  • She know in her heart that Konrad is dead, so she does not fear that she will soon join him in Morr’s keeping.
  • The villagers are afraid of her skills with herbs, but she has no ills toward them. Vosgart however is a good friend of Ilsa.
  • Victor, Greta’s husband, is such a nice man. He used to bring her herbs from the forest.
  • The pig ran into the woods. He had some of Konrad’s clothes on him.
  • No one in the village has been accused of witchcraft before. Although, there were rumors when her husband died strangely 10 years ago.
  • There are people and things at work within the village, evil forces, which do not want the adventurers here.

After the discussion with Ilsa, quite nice actually when all was said, the adventurers go back upstairs to say goodbye to Otto. They observe that the door at the top of the stairs is cracked… Was someone listening?
Briefly they discuss with Otto, and learn:

  • It is a shame the adventurers had to be summoned at all. Alas, Vosgart has not been doing his duty as village priest for some years. His advancing years may have dulled his wits.
  • Ilsa’s husband died under odd circumstances and no one knows for sure what killed him. Of course, at the time the villagers just put him in the ground with a few questions out of respect for the grieving widow. Father Vosgart was the one who declared him dead.
  • Ilsa often called Konrad a pig, sometimes in public, so it seems to make sense she would turn him into one.

As they leave, Gustav tries to intimidate Otto into not going down into the cellar, and not to do anything to Ilsa until they end their investigation. Otto didn’t seem convinced, and pointed out that he is not an evil man and take no pleasure in cleansing this town of Ilsa, but he must think of the other villagers.

Act 3: The Scene of the Crime

Konrad’s home is a modest single story four-room house surrounded by fields, on the outskirt of the village. [WFRP3: The “Isolated Farm” location is in play]

The interior of the house is dank and stale with a faint smell of decay. As they look around, the adventurers notice that most of the furniture has been moved about, some pieces tipped over with mud and dirt streaked across the floorboards. In the filth, they spot numerous boot prints as well as the impressions of quite sizable trotters.

Searching thoroughly the entire house, they find:

  1. There is evidence of large bloodstains in the center of the dining that have been cleaned up.
  2. There are small nicks in the wood floor near the stains, as if a knife or axe had been used there.
  3. Near the back door is the faint outline in dried blood of a man’s boots. It is a large boot print.
  4. There are few fragments of a clay bottle on the floor near the stains.
  5. In the fireplace, they discover the remains of clay glasses and bottle, all of which have baked bloody hand prints on them. (The adventurers keep that evidence)
  6. In the fireplace, they also discover some charred remains of good clothing with bloodstains
    By the time they end their search, it is nearly noon time [The Progress Tracker is at space 5 out of 12] and the adventurers are looking to meet Vosgart again for lunch. They are eager to discuss with him what they found, and ask him questions about Ilsa and her husband strange death 10 years ago.

Episode 2 – O Piggy Where Are Thou?

Act 1: The Cripple and the Hag

However, the adventurers decide to stop by the hamlet of Victor and Greta which is on the way. Their house lies on the outskirts of the village and is next to Konrad’s home and lands. [WFRP3: The “Isolated Farm” location is in play]

As they approach this small aging home, they hear the screeching voice of a woman apparently cursing someone loudly. Suddenly, the racket stops and a rotund woman marches out of the house to confront them, a deep scowl on her face. Greta is a lovely kind woman… Just kidding! She is a mean old hag, who starts scolding the adventurers for their idiocy in not realizing that Ilsa is a witch. Greta is a short overweight woman who wears a permanent scowl upon her rough features. [WFRP3: 2 additional misfortune dice in any discussion with Greta. Party Tension increases of 1]

Greta kummel

From the short and unpleasant discussion with her, they learn:

  • I saw Ilsa come running out of Konrad’s house with that pig hot on her heels. It charged off into the night and she fainted dead away, no doubt exhausted from the hex she had just cast.
  • At least Otto has the strength to do something about this situation, he is far better suited to guide this town than that old priest Vosgart.
  • This village is full of fools and lazy bones who don’t know what’s good for them. Just like my poor Victor, Krote was once full of determination and hard toil, now it is nothing but a breeding ground for the likes of Ilsa Mohr.
  • Victor was the best hunter around until his run with the giant Beastman, a couple weeks ago. Now he can’t even walk, though no one really knows what’s wrong with him.
  • Konrad himself had been getting really rowdy lately, getting drink yelling at people, and he always used to be such a nice person. I blame Ilsa.

They convince her (with difficulty, her being so charming) to let them see her husband Victor: Oleg may have some first aid skills that might help him. At the back of the house, they see what at first looks like an old man curled up pitifully in a chair. Closer examination however reveals it to be a man of middle years, wasted to bone thinness. He shudders quietly within his loose-fitting clothes. It’s clear from his watering eyes that he’s in a great deal of pain.

Oleg looks at the poor man, but cannot find what is wrong. It could be an infection, yet Victor is not displaying any major cuts or wounds. The adventurers even go so far to pour him a sip of Lokgrund private Bugmann’s reserve. That seems to wake him up enough to start discussing with him. Later on, oh surprtise, Lokgrund even goes so far to pour him a healing draught. When doing so, Victor definitely wake up and describes in detail the battle against the giant black furred beastman.

From their entire discussion with Victor, they learn:

  • Konrad was a good friend and they went hunting regularly and often patrolled the woods for beastmen, though seldom found any.
  • Konrad and he killed a massive beastman somewhere at the edge of the woods just last week. Through afterwards I got sick, and ended up like this. It seems that big old beastman might be having his revenge on them after all.
  • Konrad pried something from the giant beastman’s mouth after we killed it, though Victor couldn’t see what it was and Konrad wouldn’t tell him. It was strange as they were so close friends.
  • He described where they left the beastman corpse is in the wood.
  • Since they killed the beastman, Konrad had been acting strange, getting more short tempered and violent. It might have had something to do with Ilsa, cause they started arguing all the time just after. Greta confirms so, and blame Ilsa!
    Victor even reveals to the adventurers, once Max takes one for the team and skillfully guiles Greta into following him to look at their pitiful farm animals:
  • Just last week, Konrad killed one of Otto’s animals that strayed onto his land, which is very strange as he have never known Konrad (or anyone else in the village) to do anything like that before.
  • Since Konrad’s disappearance, he has heard of sighting of a massive pig in the woods, which can only be the same one that ran out of Konrad’s house that night. Maybe the pig should be found…
    Victor is so nice to speak to (Too bad he has such a wife), and the adventurers are really sad what happened to him. It is however time for our adventurers to meet Vosgart back at the inn as lunch time is upon them [Progress Tracker: 1st Event has been reached]

To be continued…

GM Final Notes

  • Progress Tracker: 1st Event
  • Party Tension: 3
  • Session 1 was 3h of play time in FG2
  • Adventurers gain 1 advance
Fenderstat - Missing in Action 2
What lies beneath...

Characters Present

Adalinda Shoen, human bounty hunter
Gaston D’Armagnac, human dilettante
Kurgi Balginson, dwarf troll slayer
Coalface, halfling thug

The Ruins

The party had found the missing mercenaries and now they needed to get them back through this hell hole of a swamp and to the outpost. There were only five of them left and fortunately Huller was one of them. Huller wasn’t keen on the new arrivals and did his best to berate his supposed rescuers, saying that he had the situation under control.

The party doubted the arrogant young officer and after some medical attention decided on what to do. They had two options, either to wait the night here and endure another orc attack or try their luck in the swamp as the League outpost was only two hours away but the path was surely infested with greenskins. Niether option sounded particular good to the group but they carefully weighed their options. Out of the five remaining mercenaries four were in walking order but one Estalian by the name of Santino had difficulty moving and needed to be carried, potentially slowing them down.

The party asked each of the surviving mercenaries (minus Huller) on their opinions. Boris, a roguish crossbowmen wanted to leave as soon as he could, he knew Santino would slow them down so he suggested that Santino have “an accident” on the way. Adalinda and Coalface didn’t like his suggestion but Gaston agreed with it in principle.

Dieter, a competent al rounder from the Empire wanted to make a break for it as well as he believed if they stayed that gave a chance for the orcs to re group in greater numbers and destroy them outright. Kurgi, who was a troll slayer, wanted to take the fight out into the swamp and straight to the orcs.

The last League man they asked was Kimbley, the ex Averland sergeant and most experienced man in the company. The old sergeant truthfully didn’t know what to do, his entire life he had always followed the command of officers and could not make a decision by himself.

The group decided to take their chances in the swamp and took their proposal to Huller whom was on the verge of a mental breakdown. The party worded their argument carefully and managed to convince the rattled noble that he made a decision to withdraw to the tower as fast as possible. After Huller “made his orders” Kurgi picked up Santino on his shoulders and the eight man strong party made their way out into the swamp.

The Swamp

The group travelled a very tense hour without incident until they came across a lone goblin taunting them in the distance. The group could see it was a trap and stood ground but Huller began to charge the creature. The group fired several bolts at the insulting goblin and missed, much to the puny greenskins delight but eventually a bolt found it’s mark and the goblin fell dead into the mud.

Adalinda looked about and to her horror found that while their attention was on the goblin they had promptly surrounded by a greenskin force over three times her number. The group fired some shots off as the greenskin horde approached and began to ran through the knee deep mud and water to escape their certain death.

Kurgi had to drop Santino in order to defend him but Gaston slipped a knife between the Estalian’s ribs in order to “hasten the inevitable” the Bretonian convinced the troll slayer that this was a lost cause and he would be better off helping the group by keeping Huller alive rather then die pointlessly and endanger the rest of the party, Kurgi reluctantly agreed.

The party retreated through the swamp, at one point Adalinda realised she had dropped her sword and had to return to pick it up, Orcs hot on her heels as she ran as fast as could to catch up.

Kimbley bought Adalinda some time and engaged an Orc on her trails while the rest of the party tried to get Huller to safety. As the group headed deeper into the water an unseen force began to grab at their heels, dragging them down in the process. The party kept on moving as fast as they could, not spending the time to see what was impeding them.

Gaston looked right at an orc which was bearing down on him and was horrified to see the orc rooted in place as a green slime began to rise from the depths of the swamp and engulf the panicked creature and at the same time he felt tugging at his own ankles. The Bretonian kept moving lest he suffered the orc’s fate and all around him slime creatures began to rise and envelope the encroaching orcs.

Gaston looked to his left and saw Huller being engaged by an orc while Boris was engulfed by a slime monster. Coalface rushed to Hullers rescue but was attacked by a second greenskin and Kurgi returned to help out Coalface but was hampered by the slime creatures rising from the depths. Soon Kurgi was completely engulfed, the dwarf swinging wildly in the creatures death grip.

Dieter moved to assist Coalface but he was too late as the halfling went down to hail of blows. Gaston the dilettante paused for the second and assessed the situation. Kurgi was engulfed by a slime creature, another slime creature began to engulf Huller, Kimbley was on his last legs battling several orcs, Boris was surrounded by snotlings while trying to fight off a slime creatures attacks and Adalinda was dodging orcs and goblins whil;e trying to stay out of reach by the creatures beneath the waterline. Gaston had to step up and save the day.

The Bretonian made his way through the mud, dodging greenksins along the way and picked the unconscious Coalface and barked an order for a withdrawal. Kurgi beat out of the slime creatures hold and crashed into an orc just as Kimbley and Dieter fell dead at the hands of greenskin choppas, the green slime engulfing their dying bodies.

Huller and Boris broke free of the slime’s trap and continue to put some distance between the orcs while Gaston followed, coalface a dead weight in his arms. Adalinda and Kurgi covered the rear retreat once the troll slayer got revenge on Coalface’s assailants and for the first time the slime creatures surfaced in plain view.

The creatures resembled a giant semi transparent blob half the height of a man and several feet wide. They glided towards Huller and Gaston but the Bretonian was to deft and he was ignored, the creatures turning their attentions to directly on Huller. Gaston called for the group to defend Huller, Huller’s safe return was their mission but Gaston didn’t much care for the idiotic noble anymore and he wanted to see coalface’s safety first.

Adalinda moved her way through the deep water to defend Huller, Kurgi at her side. The bounty hunter raised her sword and charged the green blobs, cutting swaths into the creatures gooey flesh which allowed Huller to escape the creatures death grip.

The noble ran with Boris hot at his heels, leaving an astonished Adalinda and Kurgi battling outnumbered against the green slimes. Adalinda fought hard but soon enough the green blob engulfed her while at the same time a second slime from below held her legs leaving the bounty hunter defenceless against the unnatural onslaught.

Adalinda felt her skin burn as the creature began to dissolve her flesh and she struggled feebly against the combined strength of the two creatures. She looked to Kurgi for help but the dwarf was in similar circumstance, halfway engulfed by more slimes.

Adalinda began to panic, her struggles were becoming weaker and weaker and her skin continued to burn, if she didn’t get out of the creatures embrace she would soon suffocate and her lifeless body would be nothing more than a meal to whatever this hellish things were.

The bounty hunter gathered her reserves and fought hard, pulling her head out of the creature and gasping for air, she could see Gaston returning to help her and Kurgi fighting the creatures off like only a troll slayer could. The bounty hunter beat back the creature and Gaston arrived, pulling her out of the monster’s embrace and popping it’s flesh like a water skin.

Adalinda limped away as fast as she could while Gaston and Kurgi destroyed the remaining creatures. Out of the twelve men that left with Huller on the patrol earlier this morning only three returned and their “rescuers” barely made it out with their lives as well. Such is the life of a mercenary in the darkest swamps of the Border Princes.

End Adventure.

Ceodryn - Welcome to Nuln!

Adventuring party:
* Anya Cherryblossom, Halfling, Agitator
* Berthold Sigmarson, Reiklander, Commoner
* Richard Schneider, Reiklander, Forger passing for a Scribe
* Urian Schmetterling, Reiklander, Messenger

Act 1: So, This is Nuln!

The adventurers having just reached Nuln, the poor lads were bitterly regretting buying a cheap deck-class passage on an aging riverboat, as all, but richer Richard, were frozen and soaked through.

During the course of the journey, they got to know each other and become friends of a sort, united by the common desire to escape the grinding tedium of everyday life. All were seeking to join a newly formed organization, The Olde World League, looking for one of its chapter in the Imperial city of Nuln.

Straddling the great River Reik, Nuln marks the last point at which the mighty river can be crossed. Spanning the waters is the Great Bridge of Nuln, 250 yards long, a testament to Nuln’s skill at engineering and artistry. Nuln is a fortified community, completely encircled with a 20-foot-tall wall on both sides of the river. In times of war, chains can be lifted across the waterways to block incoming ships, and wall mounted bolt throwers and cannons can rain hell on approaching armies. Overseeing all of the city grand defenses is the Duchess’ palace, a fortress-like structure standing atop of Nuln Hill.

The party patiently waited for a line of merchants to disembark. Finally, it was their turn to go through customs and pay the Leg Tax, a penny per leg. Berthold, the poor man, almost wished he had just one leg as he counted two pennies out of the meager five he possessed.

It was dusk by the time our adventurers finally set foot on the docks of Nuln. Even at this hour, the wharf was busy with a confusion of small boats and larger barges tying up, unloading passengers and cargo, and all the myriad of other maritime tasks associated with trade in the big city. Throngs of men, women and the occasional dwarf were hard at work, yelling at one another, carrying things, selling things, and loading, thieving, drinking and living life enthusiastically.

As the party made their way onto the wharf, Berthold was accosted by what appeared to be a beggar woman, who suddenly shouted at him – “YOU! Your filth is at the heart of the city! And oh! How it festers! The city must burst like a boil for it to be reborn! A pestilence upon thee for bringing your sickness here. But soon! Soon we will all be reborn in a glorious new image!” – before collapsing onto the ground in moans of ecstasy, and an apparent seizure.
Very disturbed by this encounter, the party decided to promptly ignore the woman, collapsed on the ground, and quickly made their way to the Blind Pig tavern, under the eyes of curious onlookers. It seemed anyway that no one on the wharf came to aid the poor woman.

Act 2: A Rough Night

Easily one of the roughest taverns in Nuln, the Blind Pig sits squarely in the center of the
Shantytown, on the corner of Blind Alley. Its sinister reputation is only enhanced by its appearance. A sagging building, inside is just as gloomy as it is outside. Lanterns hanging from hooks on the ceiling shed a meager light, illuminating the booths lining the walls and the scattering of tables.

The Blind Pig is a place to lose oneself. The watch doesn’t come here, and each person’s business is his own. Therefore suspicious looking people come here to be among their own kind. Thieves, bravos, and thugs all frequent the bar, but so do students from the University and no few foreigners come here, too. On any given night, one can find Estalian dancing girls, Kislevian mercenaries, decadent nobles, and even a few Arabians, all rubbing shoulders as they toss back the bitter ale.

The party, once inside, got first to the bar, and ordered a warm meal and an ale from Big Heinz, owner of the tavern, and ex-soldier. The party learned that no rooms were available, and many inns may be full that week. A new canon will soon be unveiled and paraded through Nuln’s streets, before to be fired for the first time off the Great Bridge. Such event always bring in merchants, soldiers, peasants, etc… looking to make a coin during the festivities.

Hearing Big Heinz and the party chatting, a fellow patron at the bar grumbled about those poor foundry workers who had to work day and night for the mighty gun to be made. He introduced himself as Grolsch, a jack of all trade dock worker from Marienburg. The party ended up chatting most of the evening with Grolsch, who will take pity of them and invite them to sleep at his place, a flat he rents in the Maze with five buddies of his. While the party felt ulterior motives from Grolsch, they ultimately decided he wasn’t lying, and with the prospect of no room for the night, they accompanied him.

While that chatting was going on, Richard got interested in a game of “Hit the Nose”, a throwing dagger contest of hitting the greenish nose of a painted goblin on the tavern wall. Emilio, a bad thrower, was looking for players, and Richard joined in. After winning the first round, Richard got an old man to join them, seemingly an old professor from the University. Surprise! The old man won the next round. It pays to throw chalks at your students!

The party then followed Grolsch to his flat, into the Maze, a winding labyrinth of alleyways, where most of the buildings seemed little more than tightly packed hovels. Our adventurers were however on edge, especially as they saw Grolsch strange hand gesture as they entered a new alleyway. When Grolsch, after finally arriving at the door of the flat, suddenly jumped inside and closed the door behind him, the party was not surprised.

“Right” growled a voice from the shadows behind them, "just drop your weapons and your purses and walk away and there won’t be any trouble!

The thug thoughts they had it easy, but without the element of surprise, and with the party debating the merits of being mugged, the thugs became confused as of why their prey were not complying. Finally, the tension broke, and the fight started… a very short fight! Berthold fists hammered the thugs and downed two of them within a round, Richard skills throwing knifes frightened a third, and Anya words inspired the party and demoralized the remaining leader, after he got cut badly by a riposte from Urian’s sabre.

After breaking the door to the “flat”, and finding out it was but a set-up hovel with a back door, filthy with rats, Berthold robbed the two knocked-down thugs of a poorly made leather armor, and two brass pennies, leaving the poor men unconscious and naked in the fifth of the hovel, with the rats! No mercy for thieves!

Act 3: Are We There Yet?

Finding a way out of the Maze proved however more difficult than our adventurers thought. Anya tried her best, but the fatigue and tension within the party didn’t make it easier. After a couple hours, our exhausted adventurers finally got out of the Maze to find an open inn, The Reaver’s Return.

The door was however stuck fast, and didn’t budge. A voice called from inside: “Shove it! The door, dum dum, just give it a good hard shove!”

A good push saw the door breaking at its hinges, and falling on the floor. After much arguing with the old owner, the party settled on paying 3s for a new door. Berthold, fuming, decided to keep the old door, looking very angrily at the smirking old man as he picked it up. The others, really tired by now, calmed the poor lad and convinced the old owner to rent them a room.

After even more arguing, those Nulner being really greedy, the party settled on the price for an attic room, the old door becoming part of the payment. “You get a nice view of the canal,” grinned the old man. The party couldn’t see anything through the filthy window, but could certainly smell the canal.

Exhausted, our adventurers dropped on their beds, clothes and all. In the dead of the night, a thief broke in, opening the window unheard, and started to pick purses one after another, Anya, Urian and Richard first. Thankfully, Ranald smiled on the adventurers, as when the thief tried to pick Urian’s purse, the latter felt it in his sleep, and gave alarm. In the confusion that ensued, the thief got to the window and onto the roof, Urian right behind him, Berthold following. Richard and Anya chose to stay at the window, preparing their crossbows and waiting for a clear shot.

A pursuit on the roof tops started, but got cut short when the thief missed his second jump and barely caught himself onto a ledge. Urian, hesitating when realizing he still had his purse yet finally jumping, missed as well and rolled down the roof, barely catching the gutter. Berthold cleared his jump easily – the lad has strong legs – and went straight to help his friend. The thief climbed back onto the roof. yet, before he could continue his run, two crossbow shots, one in his leg, the other in his back, from Richard and Anya, sent him rolling back down and crashing onto the canal bank, breaking his neck in the fall.

Unfortunately, Anya enthusiasm got the better of her: while she high fived Richard, she lost hold of her crossbow which went barreling down the roof and onto the cobbled street below. The crossbow was damaged and will need to be repaired.

The thief’s body slowly starting to move down the canal, Berthold bravely jumped down in the water, to recover his few pennies and his friends’ purses. Ranald continued to smile upon the party, as none of the purses got loose, and all the coins were retrieved.


All was now well, the party went back to sleep, and after a unappetizing breakfast of gruel and rat meat, which all but Berthold decided to pass, the party headed to the Reik Platz to find the Olde World League chapter or what work may be available in Nuln.

GM Notes

  • All adventurers in the party gained 1 experience point for this game session
  • Berthold acquired a poorly made leather armor. Soak is similar to a normal leather armor, but it looks shady and poorly made.
  • Anya’s crossbow got the Damaged condition and needs repair
Fenderstat - Missing In Action - 1
Swamp fever...

So the group were out in the middle of a swamp stationed at an outpost in the border princes and were part of a mercenary group called “The League” (more on that later). A patrol had gone out and had not come back and the man in charge, Dolph Ziggler (yes the blonde guy from wrestling, except this time he’s German and has no Vicki Guerrero) “volunteered” our three heroes (or rather Adalinda volunteered and Dolph wrangled the others in when they started asking questions) to go and get it back.

The group gone missing was commanded by one Frederich Huller, a young and arrogant SOB who’s daddy was an Empire noble and a large benefactor to The League, if Dolph lost Huller he would be in major trouble by the League Hierarchy and/or a rich and vengeful Noble. Dolph didn’t want that, he didn’t even want command, he had to take it over when the 1st in charge got his his head split in half by an orc last week. Dolph sent his best men out on that patrol including Kimbley, the old grandfather and ex Averland Sergeant to keep the bumbling Huller safe, if anyone could do it it would be Kimbley but alas they weren’t back and Dolph feared the worst.

The group headed out into the swamp and assumed the travel roles used by Doc the Weasel in his online adventures. The halfling took on two roles, the scout and the hunter but concentrated more on the food gathering and came across some dodgy mushrooms. According to Coalface and Gaston they were totally fine and they ate a whole bunch of them while Adalinda refused to even touch them, later in the adventure those who ate it found out they had caught the Galloping Trots. (2 challenge toughness check)

The group came across the scene of an ambush, the bodies of orcs were piled high but there was no sign of any of their team until a hand shot out of the water and grabbed Adalinda. The hand belonged to none other than the youngest man in the company Archie Keppler and he was mortally wounded. Archie told the group that Huller lead them into an ambush and didn’t listen to Kimbley, the orcs carried the dead and wounded humans away (presumably to be eaten) but he hid underneath the water in a pile of orc corspses. Huller and what remained of the squad retreated to the direction of some old ruins which the squads occasionally used to rest up if they were caught out in the swamp for the night. The party could see that Archie was not going to make it out of the swamp and Adalinda told him they would be back for him. Archie didn’t want them to leave and began crying so Gaston promptly killed him and put him out of misery, much to the vehemence of Adalinda.

The party decided to get to the ruins to locate the survivors but was ambushed by a small goblin scouting party. The goblins were promptly slaughtered and the group captured an injured one. The group exchanged information for medical attention, the group asked questions on what happened to the injuired humans and where were they now. The goblin said they took some back to the camp to be eaten and the rest were holed up in ruins nearby, he then asked for medical attention. Gaston pleasantly obliged and tied a tourniquet around the injured Goblins neck and strangled it to death.

The group continued to the ruins (still using Doc the Weasel’s travel method) but became beastly lost, fell into a decayed treestump and were promptly attacked by an insect swarm defending it’s home. After much girlish flailing (and I wasn’t talking about Adalinda) the party beat off the swarm and got back on track and eventually found the ruins.

The party called out to the League Merc’s in the building and they told them to run as behind them a sizeable band of Orcs, goblins and snotlings were bearing down on them. While some of the party’s retreats were more dignified than others the party made it to the ruins and under a hail of covering fire fought off the greenskins. Some of the fights highlights were a kayaking Snotling white water rafting in the wake of an Orc charge, Coalface fighting two orcs by himself (coalface 3 1/2 feet, Orcs 7 feet tall, the kid has balls allright give him that) and Gaston confusing an Orc so much with his fancy words that it came down with Agoraphobia while Gaston became perplexed himself about the validity of his own argument.

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