The Olde World League

Ceodryn - Welcome to Nuln!

Adventuring party:
* Anya Cherryblossom, Halfling, Agitator
* Berthold Sigmarson, Reiklander, Commoner
* Richard Schneider, Reiklander, Forger passing for a Scribe
* Urian Schmetterling, Reiklander, Messenger

Act 1: So, This is Nuln!

The adventurers having just reached Nuln, the poor lads were bitterly regretting buying a cheap deck-class passage on an aging riverboat, as all, but richer Richard, were frozen and soaked through.

During the course of the journey, they got to know each other and become friends of a sort, united by the common desire to escape the grinding tedium of everyday life. All were seeking to join a newly formed organization, The Olde World League, looking for one of its chapter in the Imperial city of Nuln.

Straddling the great River Reik, Nuln marks the last point at which the mighty river can be crossed. Spanning the waters is the Great Bridge of Nuln, 250 yards long, a testament to Nuln’s skill at engineering and artistry. Nuln is a fortified community, completely encircled with a 20-foot-tall wall on both sides of the river. In times of war, chains can be lifted across the waterways to block incoming ships, and wall mounted bolt throwers and cannons can rain hell on approaching armies. Overseeing all of the city grand defenses is the Duchess’ palace, a fortress-like structure standing atop of Nuln Hill.

The party patiently waited for a line of merchants to disembark. Finally, it was their turn to go through customs and pay the Leg Tax, a penny per leg. Berthold, the poor man, almost wished he had just one leg as he counted two pennies out of the meager five he possessed.

It was dusk by the time our adventurers finally set foot on the docks of Nuln. Even at this hour, the wharf was busy with a confusion of small boats and larger barges tying up, unloading passengers and cargo, and all the myriad of other maritime tasks associated with trade in the big city. Throngs of men, women and the occasional dwarf were hard at work, yelling at one another, carrying things, selling things, and loading, thieving, drinking and living life enthusiastically.

As the party made their way onto the wharf, Berthold was accosted by what appeared to be a beggar woman, who suddenly shouted at him – “YOU! Your filth is at the heart of the city! And oh! How it festers! The city must burst like a boil for it to be reborn! A pestilence upon thee for bringing your sickness here. But soon! Soon we will all be reborn in a glorious new image!” – before collapsing onto the ground in moans of ecstasy, and an apparent seizure.
Very disturbed by this encounter, the party decided to promptly ignore the woman, collapsed on the ground, and quickly made their way to the Blind Pig tavern, under the eyes of curious onlookers. It seemed anyway that no one on the wharf came to aid the poor woman.

Act 2: A Rough Night

Easily one of the roughest taverns in Nuln, the Blind Pig sits squarely in the center of the
Shantytown, on the corner of Blind Alley. Its sinister reputation is only enhanced by its appearance. A sagging building, inside is just as gloomy as it is outside. Lanterns hanging from hooks on the ceiling shed a meager light, illuminating the booths lining the walls and the scattering of tables.

The Blind Pig is a place to lose oneself. The watch doesn’t come here, and each person’s business is his own. Therefore suspicious looking people come here to be among their own kind. Thieves, bravos, and thugs all frequent the bar, but so do students from the University and no few foreigners come here, too. On any given night, one can find Estalian dancing girls, Kislevian mercenaries, decadent nobles, and even a few Arabians, all rubbing shoulders as they toss back the bitter ale.

The party, once inside, got first to the bar, and ordered a warm meal and an ale from Big Heinz, owner of the tavern, and ex-soldier. The party learned that no rooms were available, and many inns may be full that week. A new canon will soon be unveiled and paraded through Nuln’s streets, before to be fired for the first time off the Great Bridge. Such event always bring in merchants, soldiers, peasants, etc… looking to make a coin during the festivities.

Hearing Big Heinz and the party chatting, a fellow patron at the bar grumbled about those poor foundry workers who had to work day and night for the mighty gun to be made. He introduced himself as Grolsch, a jack of all trade dock worker from Marienburg. The party ended up chatting most of the evening with Grolsch, who will take pity of them and invite them to sleep at his place, a flat he rents in the Maze with five buddies of his. While the party felt ulterior motives from Grolsch, they ultimately decided he wasn’t lying, and with the prospect of no room for the night, they accompanied him.

While that chatting was going on, Richard got interested in a game of “Hit the Nose”, a throwing dagger contest of hitting the greenish nose of a painted goblin on the tavern wall. Emilio, a bad thrower, was looking for players, and Richard joined in. After winning the first round, Richard got an old man to join them, seemingly an old professor from the University. Surprise! The old man won the next round. It pays to throw chalks at your students!

The party then followed Grolsch to his flat, into the Maze, a winding labyrinth of alleyways, where most of the buildings seemed little more than tightly packed hovels. Our adventurers were however on edge, especially as they saw Grolsch strange hand gesture as they entered a new alleyway. When Grolsch, after finally arriving at the door of the flat, suddenly jumped inside and closed the door behind him, the party was not surprised.

“Right” growled a voice from the shadows behind them, "just drop your weapons and your purses and walk away and there won’t be any trouble!

The thug thoughts they had it easy, but without the element of surprise, and with the party debating the merits of being mugged, the thugs became confused as of why their prey were not complying. Finally, the tension broke, and the fight started… a very short fight! Berthold fists hammered the thugs and downed two of them within a round, Richard skills throwing knifes frightened a third, and Anya words inspired the party and demoralized the remaining leader, after he got cut badly by a riposte from Urian’s sabre.

After breaking the door to the “flat”, and finding out it was but a set-up hovel with a back door, filthy with rats, Berthold robbed the two knocked-down thugs of a poorly made leather armor, and two brass pennies, leaving the poor men unconscious and naked in the fifth of the hovel, with the rats! No mercy for thieves!

Act 3: Are We There Yet?

Finding a way out of the Maze proved however more difficult than our adventurers thought. Anya tried her best, but the fatigue and tension within the party didn’t make it easier. After a couple hours, our exhausted adventurers finally got out of the Maze to find an open inn, The Reaver’s Return.

The door was however stuck fast, and didn’t budge. A voice called from inside: “Shove it! The door, dum dum, just give it a good hard shove!”

A good push saw the door breaking at its hinges, and falling on the floor. After much arguing with the old owner, the party settled on paying 3s for a new door. Berthold, fuming, decided to keep the old door, looking very angrily at the smirking old man as he picked it up. The others, really tired by now, calmed the poor lad and convinced the old owner to rent them a room.

After even more arguing, those Nulner being really greedy, the party settled on the price for an attic room, the old door becoming part of the payment. “You get a nice view of the canal,” grinned the old man. The party couldn’t see anything through the filthy window, but could certainly smell the canal.

Exhausted, our adventurers dropped on their beds, clothes and all. In the dead of the night, a thief broke in, opening the window unheard, and started to pick purses one after another, Anya, Urian and Richard first. Thankfully, Ranald smiled on the adventurers, as when the thief tried to pick Urian’s purse, the latter felt it in his sleep, and gave alarm. In the confusion that ensued, the thief got to the window and onto the roof, Urian right behind him, Berthold following. Richard and Anya chose to stay at the window, preparing their crossbows and waiting for a clear shot.

A pursuit on the roof tops started, but got cut short when the thief missed his second jump and barely caught himself onto a ledge. Urian, hesitating when realizing he still had his purse yet finally jumping, missed as well and rolled down the roof, barely catching the gutter. Berthold cleared his jump easily – the lad has strong legs – and went straight to help his friend. The thief climbed back onto the roof. yet, before he could continue his run, two crossbow shots, one in his leg, the other in his back, from Richard and Anya, sent him rolling back down and crashing onto the canal bank, breaking his neck in the fall.

Unfortunately, Anya enthusiasm got the better of her: while she high fived Richard, she lost hold of her crossbow which went barreling down the roof and onto the cobbled street below. The crossbow was damaged and will need to be repaired.

The thief’s body slowly starting to move down the canal, Berthold bravely jumped down in the water, to recover his few pennies and his friends’ purses. Ranald continued to smile upon the party, as none of the purses got loose, and all the coins were retrieved.


All was now well, the party went back to sleep, and after a unappetizing breakfast of gruel and rat meat, which all but Berthold decided to pass, the party headed to the Reik Platz to find the Olde World League chapter or what work may be available in Nuln.

GM Notes

  • All adventurers in the party gained 1 experience point for this game session
  • Berthold acquired a poorly made leather armor. Soak is similar to a normal leather armor, but it looks shady and poorly made.
  • Anya’s crossbow got the Damaged condition and needs repair


Nice narrative summary of the session. I’m definitely interested in joining the Olde World League.


Ceodryn - Welcome to Nuln!

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