The Olde World League

Fenderstat - Missing In Action - 1

Swamp fever...

So the group were out in the middle of a swamp stationed at an outpost in the border princes and were part of a mercenary group called “The League” (more on that later). A patrol had gone out and had not come back and the man in charge, Dolph Ziggler (yes the blonde guy from wrestling, except this time he’s German and has no Vicki Guerrero) “volunteered” our three heroes (or rather Adalinda volunteered and Dolph wrangled the others in when they started asking questions) to go and get it back.

The group gone missing was commanded by one Frederich Huller, a young and arrogant SOB who’s daddy was an Empire noble and a large benefactor to The League, if Dolph lost Huller he would be in major trouble by the League Hierarchy and/or a rich and vengeful Noble. Dolph didn’t want that, he didn’t even want command, he had to take it over when the 1st in charge got his his head split in half by an orc last week. Dolph sent his best men out on that patrol including Kimbley, the old grandfather and ex Averland Sergeant to keep the bumbling Huller safe, if anyone could do it it would be Kimbley but alas they weren’t back and Dolph feared the worst.

The group headed out into the swamp and assumed the travel roles used by Doc the Weasel in his online adventures. The halfling took on two roles, the scout and the hunter but concentrated more on the food gathering and came across some dodgy mushrooms. According to Coalface and Gaston they were totally fine and they ate a whole bunch of them while Adalinda refused to even touch them, later in the adventure those who ate it found out they had caught the Galloping Trots. (2 challenge toughness check)

The group came across the scene of an ambush, the bodies of orcs were piled high but there was no sign of any of their team until a hand shot out of the water and grabbed Adalinda. The hand belonged to none other than the youngest man in the company Archie Keppler and he was mortally wounded. Archie told the group that Huller lead them into an ambush and didn’t listen to Kimbley, the orcs carried the dead and wounded humans away (presumably to be eaten) but he hid underneath the water in a pile of orc corspses. Huller and what remained of the squad retreated to the direction of some old ruins which the squads occasionally used to rest up if they were caught out in the swamp for the night. The party could see that Archie was not going to make it out of the swamp and Adalinda told him they would be back for him. Archie didn’t want them to leave and began crying so Gaston promptly killed him and put him out of misery, much to the vehemence of Adalinda.

The party decided to get to the ruins to locate the survivors but was ambushed by a small goblin scouting party. The goblins were promptly slaughtered and the group captured an injured one. The group exchanged information for medical attention, the group asked questions on what happened to the injuired humans and where were they now. The goblin said they took some back to the camp to be eaten and the rest were holed up in ruins nearby, he then asked for medical attention. Gaston pleasantly obliged and tied a tourniquet around the injured Goblins neck and strangled it to death.

The group continued to the ruins (still using Doc the Weasel’s travel method) but became beastly lost, fell into a decayed treestump and were promptly attacked by an insect swarm defending it’s home. After much girlish flailing (and I wasn’t talking about Adalinda) the party beat off the swarm and got back on track and eventually found the ruins.

The party called out to the League Merc’s in the building and they told them to run as behind them a sizeable band of Orcs, goblins and snotlings were bearing down on them. While some of the party’s retreats were more dignified than others the party made it to the ruins and under a hail of covering fire fought off the greenskins. Some of the fights highlights were a kayaking Snotling white water rafting in the wake of an Orc charge, Coalface fighting two orcs by himself (coalface 3 1/2 feet, Orcs 7 feet tall, the kid has balls allright give him that) and Gaston confusing an Orc so much with his fancy words that it came down with Agoraphobia while Gaston became perplexed himself about the validity of his own argument.



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