The Olde World League

Fenderstat - Missing in Action 2

What lies beneath...

Characters Present

Adalinda Shoen, human bounty hunter
Gaston D’Armagnac, human dilettante
Kurgi Balginson, dwarf troll slayer
Coalface, halfling thug

The Ruins

The party had found the missing mercenaries and now they needed to get them back through this hell hole of a swamp and to the outpost. There were only five of them left and fortunately Huller was one of them. Huller wasn’t keen on the new arrivals and did his best to berate his supposed rescuers, saying that he had the situation under control.

The party doubted the arrogant young officer and after some medical attention decided on what to do. They had two options, either to wait the night here and endure another orc attack or try their luck in the swamp as the League outpost was only two hours away but the path was surely infested with greenskins. Niether option sounded particular good to the group but they carefully weighed their options. Out of the five remaining mercenaries four were in walking order but one Estalian by the name of Santino had difficulty moving and needed to be carried, potentially slowing them down.

The party asked each of the surviving mercenaries (minus Huller) on their opinions. Boris, a roguish crossbowmen wanted to leave as soon as he could, he knew Santino would slow them down so he suggested that Santino have “an accident” on the way. Adalinda and Coalface didn’t like his suggestion but Gaston agreed with it in principle.

Dieter, a competent al rounder from the Empire wanted to make a break for it as well as he believed if they stayed that gave a chance for the orcs to re group in greater numbers and destroy them outright. Kurgi, who was a troll slayer, wanted to take the fight out into the swamp and straight to the orcs.

The last League man they asked was Kimbley, the ex Averland sergeant and most experienced man in the company. The old sergeant truthfully didn’t know what to do, his entire life he had always followed the command of officers and could not make a decision by himself.

The group decided to take their chances in the swamp and took their proposal to Huller whom was on the verge of a mental breakdown. The party worded their argument carefully and managed to convince the rattled noble that he made a decision to withdraw to the tower as fast as possible. After Huller “made his orders” Kurgi picked up Santino on his shoulders and the eight man strong party made their way out into the swamp.

The Swamp

The group travelled a very tense hour without incident until they came across a lone goblin taunting them in the distance. The group could see it was a trap and stood ground but Huller began to charge the creature. The group fired several bolts at the insulting goblin and missed, much to the puny greenskins delight but eventually a bolt found it’s mark and the goblin fell dead into the mud.

Adalinda looked about and to her horror found that while their attention was on the goblin they had promptly surrounded by a greenskin force over three times her number. The group fired some shots off as the greenskin horde approached and began to ran through the knee deep mud and water to escape their certain death.

Kurgi had to drop Santino in order to defend him but Gaston slipped a knife between the Estalian’s ribs in order to “hasten the inevitable” the Bretonian convinced the troll slayer that this was a lost cause and he would be better off helping the group by keeping Huller alive rather then die pointlessly and endanger the rest of the party, Kurgi reluctantly agreed.

The party retreated through the swamp, at one point Adalinda realised she had dropped her sword and had to return to pick it up, Orcs hot on her heels as she ran as fast as could to catch up.

Kimbley bought Adalinda some time and engaged an Orc on her trails while the rest of the party tried to get Huller to safety. As the group headed deeper into the water an unseen force began to grab at their heels, dragging them down in the process. The party kept on moving as fast as they could, not spending the time to see what was impeding them.

Gaston looked right at an orc which was bearing down on him and was horrified to see the orc rooted in place as a green slime began to rise from the depths of the swamp and engulf the panicked creature and at the same time he felt tugging at his own ankles. The Bretonian kept moving lest he suffered the orc’s fate and all around him slime creatures began to rise and envelope the encroaching orcs.

Gaston looked to his left and saw Huller being engaged by an orc while Boris was engulfed by a slime monster. Coalface rushed to Hullers rescue but was attacked by a second greenskin and Kurgi returned to help out Coalface but was hampered by the slime creatures rising from the depths. Soon Kurgi was completely engulfed, the dwarf swinging wildly in the creatures death grip.

Dieter moved to assist Coalface but he was too late as the halfling went down to hail of blows. Gaston the dilettante paused for the second and assessed the situation. Kurgi was engulfed by a slime creature, another slime creature began to engulf Huller, Kimbley was on his last legs battling several orcs, Boris was surrounded by snotlings while trying to fight off a slime creatures attacks and Adalinda was dodging orcs and goblins whil;e trying to stay out of reach by the creatures beneath the waterline. Gaston had to step up and save the day.

The Bretonian made his way through the mud, dodging greenksins along the way and picked the unconscious Coalface and barked an order for a withdrawal. Kurgi beat out of the slime creatures hold and crashed into an orc just as Kimbley and Dieter fell dead at the hands of greenskin choppas, the green slime engulfing their dying bodies.

Huller and Boris broke free of the slime’s trap and continue to put some distance between the orcs while Gaston followed, coalface a dead weight in his arms. Adalinda and Kurgi covered the rear retreat once the troll slayer got revenge on Coalface’s assailants and for the first time the slime creatures surfaced in plain view.

The creatures resembled a giant semi transparent blob half the height of a man and several feet wide. They glided towards Huller and Gaston but the Bretonian was to deft and he was ignored, the creatures turning their attentions to directly on Huller. Gaston called for the group to defend Huller, Huller’s safe return was their mission but Gaston didn’t much care for the idiotic noble anymore and he wanted to see coalface’s safety first.

Adalinda moved her way through the deep water to defend Huller, Kurgi at her side. The bounty hunter raised her sword and charged the green blobs, cutting swaths into the creatures gooey flesh which allowed Huller to escape the creatures death grip.

The noble ran with Boris hot at his heels, leaving an astonished Adalinda and Kurgi battling outnumbered against the green slimes. Adalinda fought hard but soon enough the green blob engulfed her while at the same time a second slime from below held her legs leaving the bounty hunter defenceless against the unnatural onslaught.

Adalinda felt her skin burn as the creature began to dissolve her flesh and she struggled feebly against the combined strength of the two creatures. She looked to Kurgi for help but the dwarf was in similar circumstance, halfway engulfed by more slimes.

Adalinda began to panic, her struggles were becoming weaker and weaker and her skin continued to burn, if she didn’t get out of the creatures embrace she would soon suffocate and her lifeless body would be nothing more than a meal to whatever this hellish things were.

The bounty hunter gathered her reserves and fought hard, pulling her head out of the creature and gasping for air, she could see Gaston returning to help her and Kurgi fighting the creatures off like only a troll slayer could. The bounty hunter beat back the creature and Gaston arrived, pulling her out of the monster’s embrace and popping it’s flesh like a water skin.

Adalinda limped away as fast as she could while Gaston and Kurgi destroyed the remaining creatures. Out of the twelve men that left with Huller on the patrol earlier this morning only three returned and their “rescuers” barely made it out with their lives as well. Such is the life of a mercenary in the darkest swamps of the Border Princes.

End Adventure.



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