Friedrich Karlson

A Sigmar fanatic.

Race Region Gender Age
Human Reikland Male 24
Careers Completed
Zealot In Progress
Total Experience Advances Spent
2 2
Conservative St. Reckless St.
1 3
Characteristics Level Fortune
Strength 3 0
Toughness 4 0
Agility 3 0
Intelligence 2 0
Willpower 5 0
Fellowship 2 0
Basic Skills Char. Training Level
Athletics St 0
Ballistic Skill Ag 0
Coordination Ag 0
Intimidate St 0
Resilience To 0
Ride Ag 0
Skulduggery Ag 0
Stealth Ag 0
Weapon Skill St 0
Charm Fel 0
Discipline WP 0
First Aid Int 0
Folklore Int 0
Guile Fel 0
Intuition Int 0
Leadership Fel 0
Nature Lore Int 0
Observation Int 0
Advanced Skills Char. Training Level
Piety WP 1
Specializations Char.
Talent Cards Type
Clear Minded Focus
Action Cards Type
Mighty Blow Melee
Beat Back Melee
Bezerkers Rage! Support
Wealth Fame Rk Noble Rk
Poor 0 0
Shame Threshold
0 0
Wounds Threshold
4 13
Criticals Description
Sev. Injuries Description
Corruption Threshold
0 9
Mutations Description
Insanities Description
Diseases Description
Weapons Enc DR CR Range Special Notes
Dagger 2 4 3 Close Fast
Whip 3 3 6 Close Entangling
Armour Enc Defense Soak Special Notes
Leather 3 0 2
Buckler 2 1 0
Equipment Enc
Cloth Rucksack
Enc Limit Enc
Gold Silver Brass
0 25 0
Career Advances Type
Action (1/2) Bezerkers Rage!
Talent (0/1)
Skill (1/2) Piety Training 1
Fortune (0/2)
Reckless (0/1)
Wound (0/2)

Friedrich comes from a small town near Altdorf named Hartsklein. Because is familywas poor, they sent Friedrich to Altdorf to let hm become a priest. After some years of initiation, Friedrich got expelled for hi fanatiscism for Sigmar. So Friedrich, now an adult man, has taken the life of a Zealot and started roaming the Empire and spreading the word of Sigmar ever since.

(Long term goal: Friedrich has lost his parents to a chaos cult and is determend to become a Witch Hunter and revenge his parents.)

Friedrich Karlson

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