Mortelis Bloodbough

A lithe young elven Wardancer armed with spear and sword

Race Region Gender Age
Wood Elf Athel Loren Male 30
Careers Completed
Wardancer Completed
Feastmaster In Progress
Total Experience Advances Spent
29 29
Conservative St. Reckless St.
3 3
Characteristics Level Fortune
Strength 3 0
Toughness 3 0
Agility 4 1
Intelligence 3 0
Willpower 4 1
Fellowship 3 0
Basic Skills Char. Training Level
Athletics St 1
Ballistic Skill Ag 0
Coordination Ag 1
Intimidate St 0
Resilience To 1
Ride Ag 0
Skulduggery Ag 0
Stealth Ag 1
Weapon Skill St 3
Charm Fel 0
Discipline WP 2
First Aid Int 0
Folklore Int 0
Guile Fel 0
Intuition Int 0
Leadership Fel 0
Nature Lore Int 1
Observation Int 0
Advanced Skills Char. Training Level
Tradecraft Varies 1
Specializations Char.
Dance Co (Ag)
Spear Ws (Str)
Wardance Ws (Str)
Weaponsmith Tc (Var)
Resist Fear Ds (Wil)
Locate Shelter NL (Int)
Performance Ch (Fel)
Talent Cards Type Detail
Exceptional Training Tactic Exhaust this card to negate up to 2 Banes generated by a Strength, Agility, or Toughness check
Cat-Like Reflexes Tactic Exhaust this card to add 2 Fortune to any Agility check, or 2 Misfortune to a Dodge attempt. If your Agility check fails, suffer 1 fatigue.
Robust Tactic When your critical wounds are being treated or healed, the severity of each critical wound is reduced by 1 to a minimum of 1. Critical wounds that are already severity 0 are unaffected.
I’ll Sleep when I’m Dead Tactic Exhaust this card to recover 2 fatigue
Armoured in Speed Tactic
Action Cards Type Detail
Leap from Stillness Melee
Orion’s Gambol Melee
Tempest’s Fury Melee
Whirling Death Melee
Shadow’s Coil Support
The Viper Dance Support
Woven Mist Support
Disarm Melee
Improved Dodge Support
Other Abilities Type Detail
Forest Walk Racial Wood elves may ignore terrain-based manoeuvre penalties and up to 2 misfortune penalties to movement and actions performed while in woodland terrain
Nature Bond Racial Wood elves gain a fortune die to combat initiative, as well as to Observation and Stealth checks while they are in woodland terrain
Orion’s Favoured Racial Before investing any creation points, a wood elf may train one of the following skills – Ballistics Skill, Nature Lore, Observation, or Stealth
Night Vision Racial Two fewer misfortune dice are added to a wood elf ’s dice pool for any effects from darkness or lack of sufficient light
Wardancer Career When one of your Melee Attacks inflicts at least one critical wound, you may immediately flip one of your currently recharging action cards so the opposite stance side is revealed. The number of recharge tokens on the card remains the same
Feastmaster Career While in a Ritual Dancer career you have a natural defense of 1 and a natural soak value equal to 1 + the number of Ritual Dancer careers you have completed.
Wealth Fame Rk Noble Rk
Affluent 0 0
Shame Threshold
0 0
Wounds Threshold
Criticals Description
Sev. Injuries Description
Corruption Threshold
0 0
Mutations Description
Insanities Description
Diseases Description
Weapons Enc DR CR Range Special Notes
Exceptional Hand Weapon 3 5 3 +1 fortune die
Exceptional Spear 4 5(6) 3 close fast, thrown, unreliable 2, +1 fortune die
Exceptional Dagger 2 4 3 fast, +1 fortune die
Armour Enc Defense Soak Special Notes
Feastmaster 0 1 2 Feastmaster Career
Equipment Enc Equipment Enc Equipment Enc
Enc Limit Enc
0 0
Gold Silver Brass
0 0 0
Feast Master Career Advances
Actions Talents
1 2
Skills Fortune
3 1
Conservative Reckless
1 1
Wardancer Career Advances
1 Action Card: Woven Mist
1 Talent: Robust
1 Skill Training or Specialty: Nature Lore
1 Light Wound Threshold: 12
1 Open Career Advance: Tempest’s Fury
1 Open Career Advance: Whirling Death
1 Open Career Advance: Fortune Die (Agility)
1 Open Career Advance: I’ll Sleep when I’m Dead
1 Open Career Advance: Reckless Stance +1
1 Open Career Advance: Discipline
Career Completion Advances
1 Career Transition: Feastmaster (Cost 1)
1 Dedication Bonus: Discipline (Resist Fear); Nature Lore (Locate Shelter)
Non-Career Advances
2 Advance Type: Resilience Trained
4 Advance Type: Fellowship 3
Feast Master Career Advances
1 Action Card: Improved Dodge
1 Talent: Armoured in Speed
1 Skill Training or Specialty: Weapon Skill
1 Light Wound Threshold: 13
1 Open Career Advance: Weapon Skill
1 Open Career Advance: Tradecraft
1 Open Career Advance: Tradecraft
1 Open Career Advance: Fortune Die (Willpower)
1 Open Career Advance: +1 Conservative Stance
1 Open Career Advance: Disarm
Career Completion Advances
ooooo Career Transition: Enter advance here
1 Dedication Bonus: Tradecraft (Weaponsmith), Weapon Skill (War Dance)
Non-Career Advances
ooooo Advance Type: 2 – Observation Trained
ooooo Advance Type: 5 – Strength or Toughness 4?

Born under the auspice of Grugni’s Baldric and raised within the shaded boughs of Athel Loren, Mortelis was the 3rd of 5 children with whom Ariel had blessed his parents.
From an early age Mortelis exhibited a grace and rhythm that sang brightly of his destiny.
Now full grown he stands 6’4" in his bare feet but his dancers build barely tips the scales at 165lbs.

2 of Mortellis’ brothers still live, but his father and other brothers have passed through violence. His mother still lives but is withdrawn in sorrow at her husbands passing.

Distinguishing features
Missing tooth, Black hair, silver eyes.

Mortelis Bloodbough, as he now calls himsself, was once Mortelis Brightknife. A promising and dedicated young devotee of the Wardancers way, Mortelis spent his youth in the sort of intensive adherence to his cause that came with total commitment.
But his young heart yearned for something outside of the way, something that he could not find within its glades, but he held to the training and passed from the band of novices into a Kin band, the same as a number of his siblings and his father, and flourished.
In the bountiful wonder of Athel Loren’s trees Mortelis served his people and honoured his kith, the Kin band won skirmishes against the enemies of the Asrai and their deeds grew in word and song. It was during one of the victory feasts that destiny delivered what he had been missing. She was a true wonder to behold as she swept gracefully between the groups of celebrating dancers and revelers. Her silver white hair cascaded about her like a pale moonlit rose and her voice was as the trill of morning skylarks.
Her name was Caemalleath Starbrow.
Their eyes met and each was lost in the soul of the other.
Love such as this, sang his heart and soul, is the true reason for breathing, Caemalleth felt the same and their love flourished.
His brethren understood and a leave of absence was granted him so that he could pursue this blessing from Ariel to its full, and pursue it they did.
Their time together was wondrous and their families spoke of betrothal after the first weeks. Tragedy was to strike all too soon and cut short the blossoming of their union.
Two seasons after his kin band had returned to the wilds and the fringes of Athel Loren they were ambushed, at least that is how the tale is told, for only one member of the band survived to speak of the conflict and his words were few.
news of an attack reached Mortelis’ ears and he bid his love farewell and journeyed post haste to the site of the battle. The carnage was terrible, the elves had been mercilessly slaughtered, their bodies torn, desecrated and unrecognisable, the very trees festooned with the bloody evidence of their demise. Mortelis found but one survivor, barely clinging to life, a scout who had crawled into the hollow bole of an ancient elm. As Mortelis gently turned the mortally wounded elf towards him, he revealed the pain wracked face of his brother. He was terribly wounded, a great axe blade had cut the muscle from his right leg; hip to knee and almost a dozen dark shafted arrows sprung like reeds from his breast.
As Mortelis held his dying brother the only words that came softly from those blood flecked lips were…
“a four horned beast….” and with a rattling final breath he lay still.
On that exact moment, in that gore soaked clearing, the dead body of his brother in his arms, Mortelis vowed to find the beast which had perpetrated this act and spill its blood, and the blood of all who followed it, upon the ground to feed the boughs of the forest.
He returned to his beloved Caemalleath’s side only briefly, long enough to tell her of his vow and to break her heart with his departure.
He now stalks the trail of the four horned beast, torn by rage and deepening sorrow.

Mortelis Bloodbough

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