Varick Weis

Often unkempt with long dark hair and misty blue eyes

Race Region Gender Age
Human Reikland Male 31
Careers Completed
Scout In Progress
Total Experience Advances Spent
0 0
Conservative St. Reckless St.
3 1
Characteristics Level Fortune
Strength 3 0
Toughness 3 0
Agility 4 0
Intelligence 3 0
Willpower 2 0
Fellowship 2 0
Basic Skills Char. Training Level
Athletics St 0
Ballistic Skill Ag 1
Coordination Ag 0
Intimidate St 0
Resilience To 0
Ride Ag 0
Skulduggery Ag 0
Stealth Ag 1
Weapon Skill St 0
Charm Fel 0
Discipline WP 0
First Aid Int 0
Folklore Int 0
Guile Fel 0
Intuition Int 0
Leadership Fel 0
Nature Lore Int 1
Observation Int 0
Advanced Skills Char. Training Level
Specializations Char.
Talent Cards Type
Skygazer Focus
Exceptional Training Tactic
Action Cards Type
Rapid Fire Ranged
Close Quarters Shot Ranged
Find Weakness Support
Wealth Fame Rk Noble Rk
Affluent 0 0
Shame Threshold
0 0
Wounds Threshold
0 0
Criticals Description
Sev. Injuries Description
Corruption Threshold
0 0
Mutations Description
Insanities Description
Diseases Description
Weapons Enc DR CR Range Special Notes
Longbow 4 5 3 Pierce 1, special
Armour Enc Defense Soak Special Notes
Leather 3 0 2
Equipment Enc
Enc Limit Enc

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Varick was born and raised in the small village of Berghof, nestled in the forest near Kemperbad. When Varick was 8 years old, his mother gave birth to another son who tragically died shortly after birth. The ordeal must have weakened his mother as she died a few months later.
Following this, Varick was raised by his father Willhelm, a hunter. Willhelm took Varick with him on long hunting trips and taught Varick the ways of the forest and how to use a bow. Willhelm set up a small shop in Berghof, selling pelts while meat was sold to the butcher.
The two lived a happy existence like this until last winter when Varick’s aging father fell to consumption.
With no remaining family in Berghoff, and tired of life in a small village, Varick yearned for excitement and exploration. In the spring following his father’s death, Varick sold the shop and all belongings in Berghof, setting off for Nuln and the big city, in search of excitement and adventure.
Reaching Nuln, Varick quickly found work for merchants who needed someone with his skills to help scout the way for their caravans. However moving from Berghof has given him a taste for adventure and he is always on the lookout for exciting assignments.

Varick Weis

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