Nicodemus Vladmir Rasputin

Reikland Pistolier Noble


Nicodemus Vladmir Rasputin, Is 6’ 250lbs, he has Black hair that crowns his head like an unkept mop, his hair often covered by his Cavalry helm. He wears a military suit of chain-mail that was passed down to him from his father, and his fathers father. around the chain-mail is a finely decorated leather belt of Kislevian design. it holds many pouches which various trinkets are kept safe. among them hangs a Sabre which also has its scabbard hanging from a shoulder strap that frames Nicodemus’ Chest. Out of the face gap of the cavalry helm, is Nicodemus bright Blue eyes Reikland eyes. Offset buy his Kislevian Goatee which is short but shagged and untamed. Nicodemus holds himself with solid confidence and considers himself to be more Gentleman than Soldier, and believes that all confrontation should be discussed before blood must be shed. during his training in Ostermark Nicodemus has bested a sort of lesser beasts and green-skins, enough to prove to Edward Gurney that he was ready to make the trip to


Nicodemus was a good boy, Born a noble in the house of Rasputin, known for their ranks in the Imperial cavalry over the years. But Nicodemus wanted more than riding horses, he wanted to be a leader. his vision of politics would redefine the role of the Rasputin house, one more dominant in the Empire Government and less that of a horse-clan. but alas, Nicodemus’ father sent him to the Gurney Ranch, in Ostermark on his 9th Birthday, just as his father had done before him. there under the tutelage of Edward gurney Nicodemus learned to be a soldier, and most importantly how to be a mounted soldier. with the tactics taught down from the kislevian Winged Lancers. Nicodemus became very skilled in the art of war. and in his spare time he fueled his love of politics, many mock debate’s he won with Edward as he sharpened his wit, to match his Sabre. And finally the time arrived, Edward informed Nicodemus that his training had come to an end, and he must return to Reikland and seek his position in the Imperial Cavalry. Nicodemus left Ostermark, and began his travel home, but some part of him knew that he would not be seeking to just Join the cavalry of the Empire like his father, but to lead them. It is on this journey home that our story starts…

Nicodemus Vladmir Rasputin

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