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The Olde World League

The Olde World League is a Warhammer world wide multi-GMs campaign created for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition, and is the Obsidian Portal of the FFG Virtual RPG boards.

The League was created by Daniel aka Fenderstat and Philippe aka Ceodryn to foster virtual online roleplaying through the use of Fantasy Grounds II (FG2) or Maptool software.

The Concept

The League aims to free up online GMs from the rigor of a standard online campaign by proposing:

  • A background story: The Olde World League is a co-op of adventurers headed by a very wealthy benefactor, Lord Diedrich Tenerfield and headquartered in Marienburg with chapters throughout the Old World. Why was it created? Only Lord Tenerfield knows! Some of its chapters are more alike to mercenary companies, some to investigative agencies, some to exploring guilds, etc… but all are fighting the forces of darkness. Or are they?
  • Round-robin GMing: GMs can run short adventures, yet join other adventures ran by other GMs within The League. Everyone can GM! Everyone can play!
  • A world to explore: From one adventure to the other, the PCs can jump from one end of the Warhammer world to the other. How are PCs travelling there? The League has the mean to bring them there. It allows GMs to explore area of the world rarely played in, such as the Border Princes, Lustria, Albion, etc…
  • Advancing PCs: PCs can choose to join any of the adventures proposed by The League’s GMs and can use their character from one adventure into the other. Advancement from one GM’s adventure can carry into the next GM’s adventure. The League’s Obsidian Characters page allows for tracking of characters.

How do I join?

First, go and join the FFG Virtual RPG boards. On the group board, you will find all information necessary to install Fantasy Grounds II and Maptool, the software used by The League GMs and players.

Then, create your character on The League’s Obsidian Character page. If you are new to WFRP3 and need a GM to walk you through the character creation, ask on the Google Group.

Finally, look for announcement on the FFG Virtual RPG boards of short adventures, and reply with your interest.

It’s all very simple, we all want to play :)!

Ceodryn & Fenderstat


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